Why Motivation Is Dead in Fitness



There has been a long debate over the years as to whether it is motivation or inspiration that drives an individual best towards their goal. On the one hand, motivation is great for immediate action and more tangible outcomes in the short term. Ukr  weekend

On the other hand, inspiration, because of its intrinsically desired based nature, is powerful at getting you to access your true desires and your most authentic drives towards a goal like a fitter, stronger body for the long term.

I’m on the side of inspiration especially when it comes to fitness. Fitness is a long term part of life and the last thing you want to rely on in your fitness are fleeting and undependable motivations. So, it makes sense to have intrinsic and internal reasons to get fit rather than extrinsic and external motives that will have no effect the following day, let alone weeks and months.

There is a caveat with inspiration though. And that is even some sources of inspiration can be fleeting. Have you ever heard a speaker, watched an incredible feat or heard an amazing story that left you feeling and saying to yourself, “I can do that!”, however, the following week it’s all too forgotten? We’ve all been there and being inspired by someone or something doesn’t immediately guarantee that you will take action towards what you want.

Here’s the thing. Often, when we get inspired by something, it rarely gets implemented because of one of two things. Ukr weekend

You either have no clue how you’re going to implement it,or urgencies or higher priorities wins out.

The real difference between a moment of inspiration and your inherent inspiration lies in this one distinction. A fleeting inspiration shows you what’s possible, your inherent inspiration shows you a vision of what you actually want to create.

Think about this for a moment in terms of your fitness. Have you ever been inspired by some weight loss results or muscle gains of people you know, or of exercise programs that sound good because they are shiny and new while promising you those results in your health and fitness? I’m not ragging on anything but I am using some examples of moments of inspiration when your shown what’s possible, which is fine. Seeing what’s possible has it’s place but it is not enough on its own if you want to access consistent action that leads to lasting results in your fitness.

Lasting and inherent inspiration on the other hand not only shows you what’s possible but also provides you with a vision for your health and fitness. A vision for creating it rather than for attaining it.

You see, the thing I notice both in my own experience and in others when people have an internal drive that lasts towards something, I notice that they are more about creating than they are about attaining.

I know it’s true in my experience. When I exercise, train and workout, it’s much more about developing or sharpening some skills and techniques in or order to create an experience that I aspire to, or strengthening and building specific muscles so I can create more powerful, controlled and refined physical skill in my martial arts, as a b-boy and in any future activities that I look forward to get into.


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