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Manuscript Evaluation has turn out to be the bedrock of my commercial enterprise, and I love working at once with authors. Recently, certainly one of my clients despatched me an e mail. He has finished his revisions and is prepared to start sending queries out to sellers (and I suppose he is were given a terrific shot – it certainly is exceptional e book). He desired me to send some recommendations, but he also, in so many phrases, asked if I had ever thought approximately getting into the agenting recreation, because he’d simply like for me to be his agent too.

There are some reasons why I don’t recollect becoming an agent at this factor in my career. I’ve labored at organizations inside the beyond, and still have some contacts, however I’ve been out of the NYC scene lengthy sufficient that I would want to join a large firm, as a minimum at the start, to get returned into that sport. I love operating for myself and building my personal commercial enterprise – and I haven’t any desire to move lower back to NY.

And then there’s the moral no-no. I fee my customers for my enhancing offerings, of route. If I became an agent, I would have to close store at the enhancing enterprise – ethically, you honestly can not run each. You cannot charge the purchaser on one give up, turn out to be their agent, and price them a percentage too. Yes, there are agents who do that, however they’re not the form of dealers which you need to work with.

Finally, I do not need to be an agent at this factor in my profession for one VERY crucial reason.

I like my authors. I like operating with them to form their characters and memories. I like being capable of take a manuscript that would really not make it out of the slush pile at a large company, and help the writer flip it into something that receives some interest. You can’t usually do this as an agent. Agents make money on commission, so if the e-book would not promote, they do not receives a commission. And inside the publishing international today, which means they are able to simplest honestly manage to pay for to tackle clients who have manuscripts which are at the least eighty% prepared to go.

Once upon a time I worked as a literary agent’s assistant. My job become to kind thru all of the queries, choosing out simplest the very first-class and most likely to be what my agent turned into seeking out. I requested the ones few partials, then had to simply send rejection letters to the rest. It appears cruel, but that is all we should do – each day some other batch of fifty-100 queries arrived within the mail.

Of the partials, I was advised to study the first ten to 20 pages. If the manuscript did not clutch me proper from the start, another rejection letter went out.

Once we were given to the total manuscript degree, I read thru and completed an evaluation, then wrote an assessment record for my agent, both recommending that he take a read via himself, or that we ship out but any other rejection letter.

In the second one two ranges, I was already near sufficient to the manuscript that I ought to, more frequently than now not, have told the writer precisely what he was doing incorrect – and exactly what he needed to do right to make his manuscript equipped to sell. But by means of then we would moved directly to attempting to find the subsequent manuscript – the next e book that would really deliver a few bucks into the firm.

And that is why I do what I do. That is why I’m not an agent. Because whilst a manuscript comes to my door, or an writer contacts me about fixing up his or her manuscript, I don’t have to turn everyone away. I do not need to send out rejection letters just so I can flow on to the next big factor. I have the opportunity to take a seat down, examine the complete manuscript, and offer the author with the equipment he or she needs to recognise their writing dreams. Would I make extra money as an agent? Probably. But could I surrender the relationships I even have with my authors? Or the feel of accomplishment I get once I receive the signed early reviewer copy variations of a e book that became languishing under the writer’s mattress before I stepped in and helped manual her adventure to book?

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