SEO hosting has become a necessity for all the websites that need their rankings to go up or stay contestant at the topmost position, so they may benefit from the traffic. The current practice is absolutely based on the building of backlink phenomenon but it is in a much more sophisticated and articulated manner. This new method is in absolute sync with the present rules and regulations of the search engines. Here the use of C Class IP addresses positively enhances the revenue generating performance of the website manifold.

Previously the backlinking was done without any kind of restrictions. The webmasters could create as many micro websites with a direct link to their own main website as well as post their links to the discussion forms or blog farms. There was no system of check or scrutiny by any search engine authorities. This increased the spamming manifold, which compromised the possibility of the genuine websites to come on the top most positions with their quality products. Any website, irrespective of their common or special product and services could rank higher with the ease of spamming. This wasn’t good for the internet at large, neither for the website owners who offered the best of services and products to the masses.

Anyone and everyone who has the knowledge as well as time to spam could elevate their website to the top position of the search engine result page. With internet becoming an integral part of our daily life, the search engines have strengthened their rules and regulations towards backlinking as well as all the other promotional activities that any website owner could partake. Now spamming could put a website on a downhill track, with a very negative ranking that would consequently put all the search engines, refrain themselves from bringing the website up; unless it doesn’t correct its anomalies.

Now the unlimited usage of different C Class IP addresses comes handy as they do not violate the search engine algorithm rules and regulations. One can have their main website with a particular C Lass IP address, while multiple small blog sites that backlink to this main website are put on different Class C IP hosting. This way the search engine bot can’t recognize the ownership connectivity to this bunch of micro website with the main website. However, now the search engine has identified the website to have a good volume of backlinks that connect each other. Now since the website has a high volume of different backlinks, hence it is easy for it to be recognized as a reliable website by the search engine bot.

This practice multiplies the probability of quick escalation, of the website to the topmost position in combination with the keyword optimization. The entire process costs a very reasonable price while SEO is an ongoing practice that will benefit many times more in comparison to the common SEO techniques without the usage of C Class IP addresses. Using the Class C IP and combining it with multiple IP hosting method is the best way to succeed through SEO hosting.

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