VJS GLobal Enterprises LLC Launches Website to Help Parents and Educators of Autistic Children http://www.101eldercare.com/

South Shore, Massachusetts—May 10th, 2009 – VJS Global Enterprises LLC, a family owned company dedicated to helping facilitate life transitions, recently launched Affordable Autism Toys and Resources, an autism toys and resources website. Yearly, part of the proceeds from the site will be donated to “Autism Speaks”, a non profit organization which raises funds to uncover the cause(s), prevention, treatments and cure for autism.

“Affordable Autism Toys and Resources was born out of necessity”, says Victoria, the founder of the site. “As a mom of an autistic child, I found I was spending way too much time running around gathering this type of toy for my son’s therapy, that food for his diet, going to this site to network with moms in similar situations, going to that site for articles about my son’s condition. It was exhausting and time consuming” In addition, the founder proudly states, “I’m so excited to finally provide families of autistic kids with a one stop place where they can get most if not all of the resources their autistic child needs. It’s a great site for educators and therapists too.”

About Affordable Autism Toys and Resources
Having a child with autism can be challenging and requires a lot of resources. They need a lot of specifics such as sensory and motor developmental toys, gluten and casein free foods, therapists, special educators and more. The goal of Affordable Autism Toys and Resources was to create a niche where parents, families and educators could go to only ONE place to find all these and a community of like minded individuals as well.

The mission is to “provide quality and affordable toys and resources”, geared towards those on the autism spectrum. Not only will parents and educators save money but save precious time as well. As a bonus, families with similar challenges can network, share and exchange valuable insights. Affordable Autism Toys and Resources will continually grow and get updated to keep up with new autism research and findings. Victoria adds, “That way, families can feel secure knowing they are getting not only the most affordable and quality products but also the most up to date materials”

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