Over the the years the craft of the DJ has evolved with the times quite steadily that is, until the advent of computer technology. Gone are the days of carrying around heavy crates full of vinyl records.

Now instead of having to search through crates of vinyl to play music now all you have to do is point and click or drag & drop and….BAM! THERE IT IS! With the introduction of digital music and media such as mp3’s and videos the DJ has been given a new sense of freedom and creativity never before imagined.

Being a DJ myself for over 20 years I designed this website to provide a one stop shop for all of your digital DJ system needs. No matter if you are a karaoke DJ or a night club DJ, if you spin techno music or hip hop or if you play on the radio or in your room or if you are a wedding DJ this website will provide you with the quality products and services you can use to elevate your DJ skills to the next level. http://www.prolawguide.com/

Weather you are professional DJ with years of experience or a beginner who is just starting out the Internet offers a wealth of information to help you make a well informed decision when it comes time for you to buy your DJ gear. There are numerous vendors who supply all types of DJ equipment and accessories from headphones, speakers and amplifiers to turntables, mixers and digital DJ software that allows you play and mix mp3 files directly from your PC.

There are many different aspects of DJing to consider. Let’s start with Equipment. For example if you are interested in being a club DJ then you would only be interested in having the basic equipment needed to play music because most night clubs / bars have their own sound system. But if you were interested in being a mobile DJ then you would need to have your own sound system & lights etc.

So the best thing to do before you begin is to have a clear plan of action before you begin to purchase anything. Trust me, if you come up with a plan & stick to it you will save a lot of time & money in the long run.

Networking is also an important aspect of being a successful DJ. The old fashioned way used to mostly rely on referrals from friends, family etc. But with new tools & resources available on the Internet you can promote yourself much more effectively than only using word of mouth. Social networking sites such as FACE BOOK, MY SPACE, & TWITTER just to name a few, make it much easier to market your services to people who are looking specifically what you as a DJ, have to offer. With resources like these you are able to match you unique style of Djing with a fan base of listeners that appreciate and enjoy the music that you play. So if you love to play music at party’s, clubs & events like I do now more than ever is a great time to become a professional DJ.

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