2 years ago spelled the disappointments of tens of thousands of badminton fans at the Beijing Olympics 2008. The long-awaited badminton finals between world number 1, Lin Dan, and the number 2, Lee Chong Wei was indeed a great letdown.

Just when every badminton fans thought it would possibly be a match of the decade, something unexpected happened. With much ease and grace from the champion but great disappointments from the fans, Lin Dan defeated Lee Chong Wei. https://twupro.com/

Have you wondered, as I have, what actually caused Lee Chong Wei’s quick defeat? It isn’t because he was previously injured. It isn’t because he didn’t have as strong a desire to clinch the championship title as much as Lin Dan.

The difference lies in who can better manage his state, who is more effective in his state management.

For more than 2 decades now, numerous successful sportsmen have religiously applied NLP techniques in perfecting their skills and capabilities. More recently, there was an article on the Straits Times claiming that NLP coaching has long been employed by many soccer teams – alike businesses around the world.

If you’ve caught the more recent World Cup fever, you would have realized how many teams were able to upset and defeat their opponents through the use of psychological tactics. For example with the use of various NLP techniques, the young German team was able to emerge as the winner during their quarter-finals against a more experienced rival, Argentina (I certainly did not see that coming).

Undoubtedly, NLP has a great part to play in the professional sportsmen’s ability to constantly improve their skills and games through a more efficient and effective state management system.

What Exactly Is State Management?

Often known as the sum total of how you feel – the state that you are in at any given moment has the ability to affect the kind of results that you get in anything that you do.

Again, the reason why Singapore’s table tennis women team was able to shock the reigning champions and world number 1, China, in the recent World Team Table Tennis Championships was due to Feng Tianwei’s impeccable mastery of her state during the games.

The Singapore star was in phenomenal shape both mentally and emotionally as she overcame her determined opponents in an exciting and exhilarating final.

So How Do You Apply State Management in Your Life?

Generally, there are 2 ways which our NLP practitioners learn in managing their states. In fact, after learning the skills, many have achieved outstanding results in their lives they never thought possible:

State Management State #1- Change the Way You Use Your Body

If you desire to change your state at lightning speed, this is probably the fastest method of all.

This method works on the fact that your body and mind are one. The changes you make to your “actions” (posture, breathing etc) cannot not influence the way you feel.

The moment you uncover those “actions” that you tend to take when you are in an excellent state, you can then perform NLP anchoring and fire off the anchors whenever you require them in the future.

State Management State #2- Change the Submodalities

The state which you’re experiencing at that moment of time depends greatly on the internal representations that you make in your mind – either about an object or a situation.

Basically, there are 5 main sensory modalities that men can engage to represent anything in their mind

Sight (visual),
Hearing (auditory),
Touch (kinaesthetic),
Taste (gustatory),
Smell (olfactory).
Submodalities in simple terms refer to the finer distinctions of our modalities that define the qualities of our internal representations.

An easy example of a visual submodality will be the size of a picture. Recall the time when you were fearful of an event or a person. In your mind’s eyes, what was the size of the event or person whom you are fearful of? Was it bigger than you?

Now, again in your mind’s eyes, make the size of that person or event smaller than you. How do you feel now? Do you feel more empowered, more confident? What happened if you continue to make that person or event even smaller?

State Management Has Great Positive Effects in Our NLP Practitioners’ Lives

It is never too much to say that your state determines the level of success you can enjoy in the particular task you perform.

And our NLP practitioners very well understand that. As such, during our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification programs, our NLP practitioners took great effort in learning how to better manage their states.

As an NLP practitioner, you will be equipped with various tools and NLP techniques that will enable you to master your state for greater success in life. For example:

Resource anchoring,
Submodalities and
Swish pattern etc…
As you being to consciously improve your ability to manage your state, you will soon be able to enjoy the benefits and advantages that many sportsmen and our NLP practitioners have experienced!

Never go into the misconceptions that those successful people have the talent or capability which you are missing. Like you, they are common people – folks who have took the effort to learn the proper tools to achieve what they desire in life.

Regardless if it is in sports or in other areas of your life, learning the techniques of state management is the only way to remain consistent and continuously achieve success in whatever you do.

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