What’s on your mind? You would have thought about a favourable destination by now where you are heading to. If you have not, we can recommend you one. Do you want to make your way to Afghanistan? Did we hear a yes? We were expecting something else to be honest with you. We can understand that there are so many individuals that may not prefer embarking on a journey to this Asian country as it has witnessed so much in terms of repercussions that resulted from the war which broke out between the US troops and the Taliban. Afghanistan was shattered into pieces during the reign of the Taliban. But this has not thwarted the plans of keen travellers that cannot do without moving from one location to another. As a result, they book flights to Afghanistan to come across incredible places of interest that will sweep you off your feet.

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The tourism industry has been rapidly gaining an edge as more and more people seem to be considering this destination as their admired one. This is because of the reason the country is jammed with places of interest that you cannot turn a blind eye to. If we talk about the people of this nation, they take a great sense of pride in customs, traditions and cultural heritage. Afghanistan is a country whose history can be traced back to thousands of years when the finest ancient places such as Bamiyan, Kandhar, Ghazni and many more first began to spread their roots. When the excavations were carried out at various archaeological sites in this nation, evidences of human habitation that dated back to 50,000 BC have been found.

How about taking a journey together to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan?

Kabul – Recognized as the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul is one of the most acclaimed destinations that cajole numerous rovers from every nook and corner of the world. You would find many eager travellers taking cheap flights to Kabul from London for a journey that cannot be erased from the memories. Many perhaps live by the notion that Kabul is filled with vast deserts and nothing else. But this statement isn’t true. There are plenty of highlights that you cannot overlook.

Kabul is a cultural and economic centre of the country. It is jam-packed with exciting attractions that are worth every penny which are mentioned below:

√ Darul Aman Palace

√ Bala Hissar

√ Kabul City Center

√ Paghman Gardens

So, why wait when you can grab cheap Kabul flights? You certainly will have a good time in Kabul.


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